Little black photo booth FAQ's

No-one wants a troupe of buffoons bumbling a pathway through guests at a special event. No problem! Our attendants will slip with silence into your venue and set up your booth with stealth, efficiency and a smile on their face.

We have top secret knowledge of all of Auckland’s happening places. You can trust us to sneak in the back way and appear as if by magic.

We can also have your booth set up before your first guest says “Oooh a photo booth!” Likewise we can come the following day to pack our booth away if you simply can’t bear to watch it being removed while you are still partying hard.

All you need to know is whilst you are seated comfortably on our padded seat, with your newly acquired Harry Potter glasses and afro ensemble, you only need to choose  ‘black & white’ or ‘colour’. The booth will then take up to 4 photos.

Then, while divesting yourself of your latest prop selection from our extensive selection, your two photo strips will appear within the 20 seconds from the booth.

At this point in time you will either: A). Shriek with laughter and run around showing all your friends. Or B). Grab more props and barge your way to the front of the photo booth queue in order to rectify pose #4 where your false nose slipped sideways just as you were taking the best selfie ever.

Why – only the very best acid-free, high gsm, 20-page album. Hand made by our top-secret bookbinder, this is the best album you’ll ever find!

We have designed the perfect album to hold your photo strips. Up to 80 strips per book. Also with loads of room for special messages from your guests. Our bespoke album is a fitting repository for your Little Black Photo Booth prints.

As the prints come out of the booth our lovely attendant will place one copy in the album and invite your guests to leave a message. We provide the silver pens to ensure your guests share their love in style.

Our keepsake album is a professional, acid free album, handmade by an artisan bookbinder.  28 x 36cm, with a black buckram cover and beautifully bound.

This little beauty will be admired by your great-great-grandchildren and beyond. flicking through your perfect pages.

Well, we’ll try not to be offended by your rude question. They are the very best – our DSLRs and dye sub-lamination printers are of such exquisite quality we wouldn’t dream of divulging their make lest our unworthy competitors attempt to emulate our unrivalled excellence.

Your photo strips emerge touch-dry and waterproof, within 30 seconds. Ready to be laughed over, passed around and grabbed instantly.

ou my dear, do not need an attendant because you are always impeccably behaved. However your friends sometimes need a gentle reminder to put their clothes back on and comport themselves with dignity.

Plus, seriously? Why would you not want one of our gorgeous, friendly, funny and involved attendants helping you and your guests have a fabulous time and get the best possible photos?

There are two ways Little Black Photobooth can be personalised for your event:

Every photo strip can have your name, date of function, logo or design at the top and around the photos. There is no extra charge for this, and we can even offer some professional design.

Complete covering of the outside of the booth can be achieved by wrapping the booth in vinyl or coreflute. Each end is 800w x 1800h, and printing of digital files allows you complete design control. We can also arrange and design the look for you for a very reasonable cost. For more detail and exact print dimensions, please contact us.

Word has spread far about how amazing we are. This means that at peak times, such as wedding, school ball and Christmas seasons you really should book months in advance.

But, we often have calls midday Friday for a booking happening the next day, because the other photo booth company has pulled out of their booking; and we pull out all the stops to make sure their event goes ahead. So be sure to contact us for your event, no matter how far or close it is.

Your host has taken care of payment and hired the booth for your pleasure. So that you can enjoy uninterrupted use. No filthy lucre need change hands at your special event!

Well, alright, if you must! But why would you when we can provide you with the classiest dang album you’ll ever find? Plus an experienced professional album-compiler in our wonderful attendant.

Also, if you choose one of our albums, you know you’ll be receiving a gorgeous memento at the end of your function.

Why not relax in the certain knowledge that we have tactfully moved your mother’s bestie’s red wine glass to a nearby table? As well as stopping sticky-fingered young guests flicking through your perfect pages.