Our team

Meet our awesome photobooth team!

George the photobooth cat

george-on-desk-copy-copyIt would be fair to say George is not the most productive of our team members. In fact since he successfully applied for the position of Photobooth Office Cat he hasn’t done much apart from sleeping and eating. We are starting to suspect he lied on his CV when he said he was highly motivated. Ahh well, he IS quite cute.



This is Caleb. You will meet Caleb if your event goes until the wee small hours. Caleb is a teenager so he doesn’t get out of bed until 2pm. He is an expert on what takeaway places are open at 1am.

IMG_0001 (6)William

As you can see, William is super excited about his job as a photobooth attendant. He will bring all this enthusiasm plus his charming personality and great looks (he told me to say that!) to your event.


Rosie is our Photoshop guru. She will make sure your photostrip artwork is full of awesomeness. Sometimes Rosie can be persuaded to attend the occasional photobooth function where she wows our customers with her word perfect rendition of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.


Matt is our resident tech (and wildlife) expert. Whether you need to add instant social media downloads to your event, or wrestle a crocodile, Matt’s your man. You can now also ask for Matt photos, ha ha geddit?

IMG_0002David (and Johnny!)

This is David trying to get a nice profile picture but finding it sadly impossible because Johnny keeps photobombing his big fat head in. So here are both David AND Johnny!


Lucie answers your emails, buys the props and vacuums the office. She particularly enjoys roadtesting the props…not so much the vacuuming.

IMG_0001 (8)Johnny

This is Johnny. Being a thespian by day, he likes to get a bit theatrical whilst attending functions. Fortunately most DJs are easily able to drown out his rendition of Hamlet’s soliloquy. This is Johnny’s thoughtful but optimistic look. He’s quite good isn’t he?