Time to book your Little Black Photobooth for Christmas

IMG_0086 IMG_0081OK, we know it’s still a bit nippy out there and it’s hard to imagine sipping Margheritas in a hot bar in just 3 month’s time but yes, Christmas really is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to book a Little Black Photobooth for your Xmas work party! We have started receiving bookings over the past few weeks for the busy late November/early December dates, so if you want to secure the best photobooths in Auckland (and possibly the world) for your end of year blowout, get on the phone now! We’ve got all the options to help make your event memorable, call 0508photobooth for a chat about your party and an on the spot quote or just send us an email to info@littleblackphotobooth.co.nz and we’ll send you back all the details you’ll need to show your social committee. Choose from our traditional sit down booths for that authentic photobooth experience, our awesome stand in photoboxes that can fit up to 10 faces in the shot, or our stand out red booth, Little Red, built with children in mind but can fit adults as well so a great eye-catching addition for your carnival themed parties.  Every one of our 9 photobooths will be booked out for Fridays and Saturdays in November and December so get in quick and you’ll have some hilarious mementos of your legendary Xmas event to laugh about in the office for weeks to come!


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